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1.  Determena Frequency properties of intervalley electron transfer in AlN
V. T. Plaksiy, А.V.Arhipov, А. S. Tischenko, Т. І. Kamishanova, E.D. Prokhorov, А.V.Dyadchenko, D. P.Chueshkov
perfect crystal, Zone overcrystallization, temperature gradient
Vestnik KhNU №966 Pages. 19-22

The problem of growing of perfect bismuth-antimony monocrystals having of a uniform distribution of Sb atoms through the crystal by help floating-zone refining method is considered. The expression for temperature gradient in melt and temperature distribution for any melt point have been obtained. The monocrystals growing maximal velocity have been estimated. The growing velocity must be lower then 1 mm per hour was showed. It is velocity not lead to concentration overcooling and arising inhomogeneous dendrite structure. For solution with certain composition ( at = const) overcooling may be eliminated by either increasing of temperature gradient in liquid faze or decreasing growing velocity are showed.

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